Prof. Wehle: Conservative-Majority Supreme Court Might ‘Tinker’ with Roe v. Wade Until It Is Practically Non-Existent

Professor Kimberly Brown

Interviewed on NPR, University of Baltimore School of Law Prof. Kimberly Wehle says she considers the settled-law status of Roe V. Wade to be inviolate—but a Supreme Court with a strong conservative majority could “tinker” with its precedent until abortion law is increasingly unrecognizable to most Americans.

Roe “has been upheld many times, and even a conservative majority would be very hard-pressed to come in and say, ‘Listen, Roe was wrong all those years ago’,” she says. “But it could tinker with it in a way that makes it almost impossible to get an abortion, particularly for low-income women.”

As a national debate unfolds about the future of Roe in light of who will replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court, Prof. Wehle says it’s wise to consider how undoing legal precedent for one issue can impact one, or many, others.

“We have to be really careful unraveling Roe, and what the ripple effects could be on other rights that we enjoy as Americans,” she says.

Listen to the NPR piece.

Learn more about Prof. Wehle.



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