Prof. Wehle: Conservatives Ought to Appreciate Roe v. Wade for What It Says About Limited Government

Professor Kimberly Brown

Writing in The Hill, University of Baltimore School of Law Professor Kimberly Wehle says that for conservatives, Roe v. Wade should represent something vital about American law: That the government is limited by the Constitution in what it can and cannot do to citizens.

“I find that many students come to law school thinking that a constitutional right is some kind of goodie,” Wehle writes. “But a constitutional right is really about keeping government off your back.

“In 1973, when the Supreme Court held that a woman has a right to an abortion, what it was saying is that the government’s power over the individual is limited. The Roe court identified that limitation in the Constitution’s due process clause.

The idea is that government cannot take away life, liberty or property without affording a hearing. No more throwing people in jail arbitrarily.”

Both Prof. Wehle UB School of Law Dean Ronald Weich have weighed in on the Supreme Court in national media outlets in recent days, as the process to select a new Justice gets underway.

Read Prof. Wehle’s opinion piece in The Hill.

Learn more about Prof. Wehle.


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