Law School Announces 2018-19 Legal Writing Fellows


The University of Baltimore School of Law has announced its 2018-19 class of Legal Writing Fellows—a specially-selected group of students who provide vital assistance to their fellow students through the school’s Legal Writing Center.

Under the direction of Prof. Claudia Diamond, assistant dean in the Office of Academic Support, any currently enrolled UB law student may visit the school’s Legal Writing Center for one-on-one assistance with a UB Writing Fellow on any writing assignment in law school, as long as the student has the permission of his or her professor.

UB law students, whether highly skilled in their writing or just beginning to grasp the importance of clear and cogent text throughout their work, are encouraged to seek out feedback about their writing as they grow into practice-ready attorneys.

At the Legal Writing Center, students can bring in virtually any piece of substantive writing, from memos and briefs to writing samples for job interviews. This year’s six Writing Fellows are available by appointment, and are capable of providing guidance on how a piece of writing can be made better.

Learn more about the Legal Writing Center and the 2018-19 Legal Writing Fellows.

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