Baltimore Law’s Ernesto Villasenor to Serve as Diversity and Inclusion Delegate to ABA Law Student Council

University of Baltimore School of Law Rising 2L Ernesto Villaseñor will serve as the Delegate for Diversity and Inclusion on the American Bar Association Law Student Division 2021-2022 Council (LSD).

In an announcement from the organization, Villaseñor describes his interest in the role. “The LSD is more than just a group within the American Bar Association,” he says, “it’s a door into law school advice, career guidance, perks, networking, and opportunities for growth throughout your law school endeavor, and beyond. It is also a space to raise unmet needs that would help you succeed in your law school career … and work with the LSD to help fulfill those needs that would benefit you and fellow students across the country.” 

Ernesto Villasenor
Ernesto Villasenor

A native of Compton, CA, Villaseñor describes himself as a “first-generation Lawtino.” He is also the incoming vice president of The University of Baltimore School of Law’s Students for Public Interest (UBSPI). “After working in public interest, nonprofit leadership and governmental spaces for more than 10 years,” he says, “I want to connect those experiences as an aspiring public defender and be a zealous advocate for those who I will fight on behalf of. 

“My goal is to strengthen the connection between public interest work and our law school, helping bring more opportunities for law students while serving our communities. As the next ABA Delegate of Diversity and Inclusion, I want to bring bold leadership and uplift the underrepresented voices among the law student body at [Baltimore Law] and across the nation, creating pipelines for leadership and representation in decision-making spaces,” he says.

About University of Baltimore School of Law

The University of Baltimore School of Law provides a rigorously practical education, combining doctrinal coursework, intensive writing instruction, nationally renowned clinics and community-based learning to ensure that its graduates are exceptionally well prepared to practice law.
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