Baltimore Law Prof. Jose Anderson to Discuss New Book on Charles Hamilton Houston at City Bar Library

University of Baltimore School of Law Prof. Jose Anderson will present a talk, “Thurgood Marshall, Charles H. Houston and the Maryland Professional School Legal Battle that Changed the Nation,” at 5 p.m. Wednesday, July 21, in the Baltimore Bar Library, Room 618 of the Clarence Mitchell Courthouse, 100 N. Calvert St., in downtown Baltimore.

Prof. Jose Anderson
Prof. Jose Anderson

Anderson will describe a landmark civil rights case that he explores in his forthcoming book, Genius for Justice: Charles Hamilton Houston in the Reform of American Law (Carolina Academic Press 2021). Before the dawn of Brown v. Board of Education, Maryland became “Ground Zero” for a courtroom drama that would determine whether the nation would stay separate and unequal. In the late 1940s Maryland, like many states, was confronting an expected transition about access to public higher education for all people.

Thurgood Marshall, later a Supreme Court Justice but then a volunteer attorney with the NAACP, joined his mentor, Charles Hamilton Houston, at the forefront of that change. A group of southern states, led by University of Maryland President Harry C. “Curly” Byrd, were creating a sinister mechanism to help ensure that southern universities would stay segregated forever by creating a racial compact. In a story from his book, Anderson describes the battle for access to education at the University of Maryland’s School of Law, located in downtown Baltimore. He writes about the brave students who took on a powerful academic institution and thereby changed the United States forever.

All are welcome to this free event; please be vaccinated if you plan to attend in person. For a Zoom link, or to RSVP that you will attend in person, email

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