Sept. 14 UB Law in Focus Webinar to Look at Ransomware Attacks and the Role of Cybersecurity Lawyers

The frightening number of ransomware attacks in recent years raises serious questions about the vulnerability to hacking of our nation’s businesses, utilities and municipalities to due to inadequate cybersecurity. Class-action lawsuits are being brought against organizations that failed to protect their information technology, resulting in exposure of personal identity details and lost revenues down the supply chain.

What is the role of cybersecurity lawyers in helping their clients prevent these kinds of attacks? And what about the ethics of paying ransom to hackers to restore critical IT services? Does that simply encourage the bad actors to continue?

Jerry Bodman
Jerry Bodman

These questions and more will be addressed in an upcoming UB Law in Focus webinar, “Ransomware Reality: Protecting IT Infrastructure From Crippling Malware Attacks,” on Tuesday, Sept. 14 from 5 to 6 p.m. The webinar will be presented virtually on Zoom, and the public is invited to register here.

We will hear from three cybersecurity experts: Baltimore Law alumnus Jerry Bodman, J.D. ’03, an adjunct professor at the law school and senior counsel and privacy officer at Dragos, a Maryland company focusing on Industrial Control System (ICS) cybersecurity; Baltimore Law alumnus David Katz, J.D. ’99, a partner and cybersecurity team leader at Adams and Reese LLP in Atlanta; and Todd Carter, chief information and chief digital officer for the City of Baltimore. The city government’s computer system was infected with the ransomware variant RobbinHood in May 2019. Carter was hired shortly thereafter to lead the system’s recovery from that attack.

Moderating the discussion will be Prof. William Hubbard, director of the law school’s Center for the Law of Intellectual Property and Technology.

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