From the Ius Gentium blog: CICL fellows help Swiss group track alleged international criminals

Ius Gentium, the blog of UB’s Center for International and Comparative Law (CICL), features a new post by 2L Alexandra Rickart, who writes about TRIAL – Track Impunity Always – a Swiss organization devoted to tracking people worldwide who are alleged to have committed genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and torture, among other atrocities. The organization, founded in 2002, recently received a medal – Genève reconnaissante (Geneva is grateful) – from the mayor of Geneva.

Last fall, CICL student fellows began working with the TRIAL Watch Project, compiling profiles of alleged perpetrators and instigators of international crimes that are catalogued in an online database. Catherine Moore, UB’s coordinator of international law programs, set up the UB-TRIAL connection.

Writes Rickart: “As a Fellow of the CICL [who is] assigned to the TRIAL Watch team, I draft articles [about] alleged international criminals such as Sladjan Cukaric and Miodrag Josipovic. I have also drafted an update for Maulana Abdus Subhan as part of the initiative to keep all profiles as current as possible, to help those tracking [alleged] criminals and their progress through their respective judicial systems stay up to date on information. It can be hard work, [as] there is not always a lot of available information on people [and] what little information there is often comes from foreign sources that must be translated and checked for accuracy. The impact TRIAL Watch has on citizens of nations all around the world is worth every second of the work.”

In addition to being a CICL fellow, Rickart is the secretary of the International Law Society and a staff editor for the University of Baltimore Journal of International Law. She competed in the 2014-15 Jessup International Moot Court Competition, Mid-Atlantic Region. During her first year at UB, Rickart tutored Baltimore elementary school students as part of the Sayra and Neil Meyerhoff Center for Families, Children and the Courts’ Truancy Court Program. Rickart is currently a law clerk for a criminal defense firm in Baltimore.

UPDATE: The Daily Record covered UB law students’ work with TRIAL Watch. Read the story here.

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