Dionne Koller named winner of 2017 President’s Faculty Award

Professor Dionne Koller

Professor Dionne Koller

Professor Dionne Koller has been named the recipient of the 2017 President’s Faculty Award. 

University of Baltimore President Kurt L. Schmoke announced the news to university faculty and staff Friday morning:

It is my pleasure to announce that Dionne Koller, professor in the School of Law and director of its Center for Sport and the Law, is the recipient of the 2017 President’s Faculty Award. Prof. Koller will be honored at a luncheon during the fall semester.

In nominating her for this award, School of Law Dean Ronald Weich wrote to the selection committee: “Professor Koller relies on core principles of quality teaching, such as thorough preparation, clarity, organization, and respect for students. She is not afraid to experiment with approaches to the material that challenges her students to sharpen their legal skills and achieve their own professional excellence.” He added that students “find her teaching so effective that they apply the learning techniques she models in other courses. It seems clear that Professor Koller’s high standards coupled with clear instruction on how to meet them keep students fully engaged.”

Prof. Koller also leads a center that is devoted to exploring the interstices of athletics and the legal system―an area rich with opportunities to effect positive change in the modern world. For example, she has spoken out repeatedly on the reforms that are necessary for the Olympics to be viewed as a true standard-bearer for fair play in amateur sport.

Please join me in congratulating Dionne on this achievement, and in thanking the selection committee for its work. 


Kurt L. Schmoke

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