Prof. Tiefer: New Round of House Investigations Expected in Wake of Anticipated ‘Blue Wave’

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation has been noticeably absent from campaign ads and debates in advance of the Nov. 6 mid-term elections. But this election is expected to have a big impact on how the Mueller probe plays out in its final stages, former Congressional staffers and legal experts told VICE News.

Professor Charles Tiefer

Professor Charles Tiefer

If Democrats win control of the House, they are expected to quickly begin applying pressure to President Trump, experts said. One avenue might be to recap the Mueller probe’s greatest hits for the public, by subpoenaing his witnesses and cooperators — people like Manafort and Cohen — for fresh rounds of open testimony before Congress.

“All these main targets, or key witnesses, in the Mueller investigation, can be made to testify before House committees,” said Charles Tiefer, a professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law and former special deputy chief counsel for the House Iran-Contra Committee’s investigation during the Reagan era. “And House Democrats will have every reason to do that.”

Read the full story here.

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