Author Tanya K. Hernández to Discuss Her Book on Multiracial Discrimination on Nov. 15

As the mixed-race population in the United States grows, some hold the mistaken belief that racial mixture will bring an end to racism. In her book, Multiracials and Civil Rights: Mixed Race Stories of Discrimination, author Tanya Kateri Hernández writes that multiracial people still face discrimination.

tanya hernandezHernández, who is Archibald R. Murray Professor of Law at Fordham University School of Law, challenges suggestions that traditional civil rights laws built on a strict black-white binary should be reformed to account for cases of discrimination against those identifying as mixed-race.

She draws on court cases to demonstrate that multiracials face the same types of discrimination as other racial groups. Prof. Hernández peppers her own legal and political analysis with her own personal narrative as a mixed-race Afro-Latina.

She will speak about her book and ideas at the UB School of Law on Thursday, Nov. 15 from noon to 1:30 p.m., in Room 802 of the Angelos Law Center. The event is co-sponsored by the UB Faculty Research and Development Committee and the American Constitution Society.


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